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"Knowledge is the prime need of the hour"

Services offered:

  • Training 

    • Diversity and Inclusion Training - 4hr 

    • Real Colors Communication Training - 4hr

    • How to set up an Executive  Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Steering Committee, D&I Councils

  • Creating tailored Inclusive Diversity Management Initiatives / Strategies that:

- Reverse negative trends in recruitment, increase retention, build pipeline programs and improve performance management appraisal systems.

  • Inclusive Diversity Strategic Planning/Facilitation

    • What story does the HR, EEO, Diversity data tell? Does it drill down far enough?

    • How do organizational strategic priorities align with recruitment, retention,       succession planning, performance management appraisal system activities?

    • Are you "fishing in the right holes" for talent?

  • Multi-Cultural Consulting / Communications Services for Infrastructure Projects


  • Supplier Diversity Initiatives: Gaining Parity Partner results. 


  • Train the Trainer:

    • Sustaining Inclusive Diversity Competency


  • On Site Facilitator Services as an Unbiased; Non-Judgmental Listener

  • Public Speaking 

    • Diversity ​Dialogue sessions, Town Halls / Lunch and Learns; Yet supportive of each other, defining and showing how Diversity, EEO, and Affirmative Action / Affirmative Employment Program are interrelated; Increasing Cultural Competency, Valuing Diversity.


  • Building High Performance Teams


  • Multi-Cultural Event Planning


TruxTrains also offers "one on one" Senior Executive Coaching 24hrs / 360 days to meet our clients needs and Leadership Competency Development training for lower ranks, building bench strength. We Bring Out the Best in Others, teaching how to BUILD TRUST and STAND UP strategic priorities using battle tested Inclusive Diversity Leadership tactics.


These experiences will enable participants to have positive impact improving results in recruitment, retention, succession planning, performance management appraisal systems, work culture and profitability.





A subsidiary of TruxTrains and Consulting Services LLC

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