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Water is life!

Ellendale, Delaware Clean Drinking Water / Central Sewer Project a Reality!


The untiring efforts of TruxTrains working with the Ellendale Community Civic Improvement Association( a non-profit, (E.C.C.I.A),State of Delaware, County, local officials, community agencies, churches and residents, produced the installation of Central Sewer system in 1989 and now a Clean Drinking Water district in 2018.

The "new" water district is going around opposing Town officials after two referendums failed before. The referendum that passed, now runs the water district through underserved, poor minority neighborhoods on Old State Road, North and South.

"It took 15+years and 43+ meetings" said Harold Truxon, former President of ECCIA, now TruxTrains Vice President of Government Relations / Community Affairs. Ellendale residents voted and successfully passed a Clean Drinking Water referendum September 15, 2018.These action produce a better quality of life, healthier community for Ellendale residents, while increasing economic growth and development potential, like other Sussex County communities have enjoyed for decades. 

Sussex County now has a zero "in ground" septic tank policy. 



We thank the Sussex County Council, ECCIA Leaders / Past & Present Members, President Delores Price, Executive Director Loretta Benson, late Rev. Spellman, Bishop Foster, Rev. A. Iona Nze for the opportunity to be part of the journey. Their untiring leadership actions are directly responsible for bringing Ellendale into the 21st century.


This Clean Drinking Water District will reduce health inequities, increase life expectancy rates and be a catalyst for economic growth / development now and for years to come.

Ellendale, Delaware and Flint, Michigan represent many more rural, neglected, underserved, poor, minority  communities, towns and cities in America / World with barriers (some political, organizational / personal) blocking the CHANGE needed to improve the quality of life in communities across the nation.


Water news to use!

TruxTrains has been fighting for clean water / sewer infrastructure systems long before Flint. Michigan. We are encouraged, not satisfied, to see clean drinking water needs recognized nationally.



"An Overview of Clean Water Access Challenges in the United States"



"U.S. Drinking Water Widely Contaminated With 'Forever Chemicals": Report


"Ellendale, Delaware Residents Vote to Pass Clean Drinking Water Referendum"



"More than 5,300 U.S. water systems violated lead-testing rules last year"


"The Military Drinking-Water Crisis the White House Tried to Hide"




Bronx, NY


Here's another one! When will our Leaders / Congress care about Clean Drinking Water in USA? "WATER IS LIFE"



It's really about "fairness, equity, and inclusion"


TruxTrains stands ready to Help with Inclusive Diversity initiatives and Quality of Life Infrastructure projects!

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Petra Truxon

Principal Partner, President


Fentress Truxon ATM, MMPC, MA

Principal Partner; Senior Executive Vice President

Harold Truxon

Senior Vice President; Government Relations & Community Affairs


Jasmine Truxon

Vice President, Finance, Technology and Innovation


Tiffany Truxon

Vice President, Human Resources, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA)



" Service First and Always"

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Farmers use of animal waste products to fertilize coupled with the aerial crop dusting of fields have contributed to nitrates and other chemicals found in ground water being consumed by residents  was not suitable for drinking. Mt. Zion A.M.E . Church / community members could not drink / use the water.

dollar general ellendale.jpg

New Dollar General is Ellendale's first retail merchandise store built since central sewer system installed and other businesses have committed to build.

ellendale church.jpg

MT. Zion A.M.E. Church

Ellendale, Delaware

Present & Past

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TruxTrains & Consulting Services LLC is a proud

Minority / Women/ Disabled Veteran Owned

Business Enterprise (M/WDBE) licensed and headquartered in the State of Georgia, with offices in Delaware and Arizona.

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