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"People Don't Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care"

TruxTrains increases the inclusive diversity competency and the effectiveness of Leaders in organizations by strategically teaching them how to create, manage, value and leverage the benefits of having a diverse multi-talent workforce. 

This is done by having honest conversations and listening to our clients in an unbiased non- judgmental way. Diversity culture audits, analytics in talent management and creating "customized" inclusive diversity management strategies / initiatives are baked in with organizational strategic priorities.


Leaders / organizations are then equipped to use a "measure, manage, improve"approach for sustainability,recruitment, retention, succession planning and performance management appraisal systems. 


WE Help Organizations See What They Don't See!


Other  Services


We also do public speaking, facilitate inclusive dialogues / listening sessions, multi-cultural marketing / communication campaigns for all types of people /projects aimed at improving the infrastructure, quality of life,eliminating / reducing micro-inequities and health disparities in poor, under-served communities across America and the World.

We Promote Fairness, Equity and Inclusion

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