"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care"


What is TruxTrains and Consulting Services.com?

We are a company concerned about improving the quality of organizational processes using Inclusive Diversity Leadership and Quantum  Leadership principles. TruxTrains provides learning experiences that increase the inclusive diversity competency of participants by creating catalysts for innovations, creativity, and "mission accelerators," that produce positive people, culture impacts and measurable results.  "Measure, Manage, Improve"

 Target Audience:


  • Senior Executive Management

  • Middle / Division / Branch management level personnel 

  • Human Resource Leaders

  • Diversity & Inclusion Professionals 

  • Community Organizations

  • Non Profits, Health Providers

  • Government Entities

  • Police Departments

  • Universities / Colleges

  • Churches / Synagogues /Temples, Mosques 

  • Other institutions leading and caring for people